Sunday, 23 April 2017

Condron Family Blog...born again!

Blimey, it has been, like, FOREVER since anything was posted here...well, 2008 anyway.  Since that time, I have lost a much loved big brother, John, but we have also seen a few babies added to the family. None of which has been documented on this particular platform since there are other, more popular and immediate ways of sharing this information with family. But waste not, want not, this is still a good repository for family tales.  I have been doing a bit of family history research for the last couple of years and that has brought about some interesting discoveries.  I would like to use this forum for sharing some of the stories that I am trying to piece together from the dim and distant past - all the more difficult in that the people in the stories are no longer with us and we have no witnesses to their lives. Maybe in the telling of these stories, they might live once more, in the hearts and minds of their descendents.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Welcome, Michael Craig...

Let's have a big Condronfamily blog welcome to our newest arrival Michael Craig. How lovely it was to make your acquaintance. People may have marvelled at you big hands and feet (they are tiny and lovely, like you), using them as indicators to what a strapping lad you will become in much the same way as they would a lively young labrador pup. But what is truly memorable at this time is the pride and love with which your dad has welcomed your arrival into the world. May you have a good life.
Congratulations to Helen, Chris, Leah and Daniella.
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The Twins enjoy their birthday..

Birthday girl Maria with a substitute 'John' (McCarthy)

It was all down to Maria's to have a few drinks in celebration of the twins' birthday. Naturally it would be ungallant of me to tell you Maria's age, her being a lady, of course. So I will just tell you that John was 59 - and doesn't he look well on it? Not that you'll find much evidence on our photos, since photographer-in-chief, his daughter Margaret, didn't take any of her dad. But you can enjoy her other photos by clicking here.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Graduation - 17th July 2008

Blimey! They're letting me be a teacher! Scary or what?

Well, he may have done half of the work, but there is no way he is getting his hands on that scroll! (the inner tube of a roll of tin foil with a ribbon on, by the way, just a prop!)

Your turn next year!

Arthur, for whom nothing was ever too much trouble in this turbulent year and Jan who has been with me on this journey since day 1 (I mean the aborted PGCE mission in 2001-2)

Sara and Laura who were with me in Sevilla and the 'loca' but lovely Maria.

Emma, who was also in Seville with us.

Me and Kirsty.

Lost in the crowd on the steps of the Anglican Cathedral.

A perfect end to a perfect day! Dinner at the Jabula Restaurant.

Silverdale the Movie - Coming soon to a blog near you!


Maggie, our beloved matriarch
left this life on January 27th 2008

Our Angel

Our Hearts ache with pride from the love that we share,
Your spirit forever lives on in our care.
Like the brightest star, a wonderful sight,
You light up our hearts as you wish us goodnight.

You lived for your family, and at your life's end,
A gift so special God helped you to send,
A beautiful smile for your loved ones to see,
A glimpse of happiness, your eyes held the key.

Back in the arms of the man that you love,
He will care for you always in heaven above.
We thank God for your life,
Happy times shared together,
God bless, rest in peace,
Our Angel forever

Lorraine Jones 5th February 2008.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Saludos de Sevilla

Well, I find myself in Seville as part of my teacher training course. Living modestly in a splendiferous residence. The weather was actually quite cold last week but it is beautiful now - what we would consider to be a pleasant summer's day, sunny and warm but not too hot. Seville is a beautiful and elegant city and I would recommend a visit if you haven't already been here. The down side of all of this is that I have to teach Spanish children. Not just English, but Spanish language, Maths and another subject of my choice. I am dreading it. I can barely understand them as they speak Andaluz - a bit like the Scouse of Spanish! And they speak it at a hundred miles an hour! We haven't even ventured into the shortcomings of my rusty Spanish, yet!
Adios amigos!